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Hello! My name is Jennifer Beard, I am a wife & SAHM of two gorgeous kids! I love any form of crafting, I started very young, I really cant remember a time when I wasnt making things with my hands. My grandmother taught me to sew as a child, my mom made home decor, my great grandmother quilted and made ceramics...I've done all of that myself, and a little over two years ago I discovered scrapbooking! I love to create beautiful little works of art! I love to paper piece little things and put them on pages to sortve tell a story. I'm in love with making tear bears, I think they're so cute! I'd have to say that my favorite thing to create would be scrapbook albums, mostly vintage themes. I love taking "old" items and giving them new life!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy Monday...

So I've been a busy girl the last couple weeks...I created two Valentine layouts for ebay, which I will show you later, and started a blog for the ebay design team I belong to Preserving Your Lasting Original Treasures (PY LOT), you should check it out, its still a bit under construction, but so far so good...I'm following it on this blog, so just click on its icon and have a look. My mom came to stay with me on Friday night...we live 120 miles apart, so we dont see each other often. She very much wants to get into scrapbooking, as well she should with the "mini hobby lobby" she has going on in her craft room. I'm tellin ya, she has an expressions and probably 50 cartrages NEVER OPENED! She's had the machine a year now! She's been dying to learn to make tear bears, so I gave her my pattern to take home, and taught her how I do it. She was so excited. It felt good to do something like that with her...I miss my mom terribly. I was going to upload pics...but I cant recall where I put them on my computer. Ill find them another time...or just go to ebay ID: brianbeard79 the two layouts are listed there.

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