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Hello! My name is Jennifer Beard, I am a wife & SAHM of two gorgeous kids! I love any form of crafting, I started very young, I really cant remember a time when I wasnt making things with my hands. My grandmother taught me to sew as a child, my mom made home decor, my great grandmother quilted and made ceramics...I've done all of that myself, and a little over two years ago I discovered scrapbooking! I love to create beautiful little works of art! I love to paper piece little things and put them on pages to sortve tell a story. I'm in love with making tear bears, I think they're so cute! I'd have to say that my favorite thing to create would be scrapbook albums, mostly vintage themes. I love taking "old" items and giving them new life!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

making fake frosting

Not sure what I am doing wrong on my pics lol...but here is an upside down one. This is my "fake frosting". I wanted to share with you the technique I learned if you dont already know it...I found it on another blog, and will now share it with you. All this is is "spackling", yeah, the stuff you use on your walls, mixed with chalk, spread out and let dry. You can also add glitter like I've done, and to make sure it stays just simply spray with hairspray when its all dry. Wallah! You have a delightfully delicious looking cupcake!

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  1. Oooh, I really want to try this. I'm sure I still have spackling left. I left you something on my blog. http://cherylswindow.blogspot.com/2010/03/im-brightened-again.html